House Problems

CVGX4349Pulling into Oak Creek felt like pulling into home. (Not really, but it does sound cool, and I was glad to be back.) We did hit a little snag, though, none of us remembered the code to the house, and the owner wasn’t answering our phone calls, texts, or emails. After waiting around in the freezing weather for a little bit, we decided to try his ranch – a few miles out, and see if he was there. Continue reading “House Problems”


Returning to Colorado

IMG_5364 1Ever since I returned from my first trip to Colorado, I knew I was going to go back the next year. I was looking forward to another road trip, but some new recruits weren’t too keen on the idea. We started planning early in the year and had our flights booked by the end of October. As we got closer to the trip, more and more details started taking shape. I spent quite a lot of money for this trip; something got into me, and I decided to buy a new ski jacket and snow pants at The Sports Authority. It cost more than I should’ve spent, and they didn’t even fit properly.

Our flight had been scheduled for Sunday, so, of course, it snowed two feet on Saturday. Continue reading “Returning to Colorado”

Skiing in Steamboat Springs


A great way to start would be by saying we woke up early on Monday so we could hit the slopes as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly true. It was only around 9:30 that we woke up, and took us till 10:30 to leave the house.

IMG_5651 1
The main road curves around the mountain and disappears into the wilderness

Oak Creek is a valley right in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. It’s one of those towns
where once you reach the bottom of Main Street, the road curves behind a mountain, and you can’t tell that there is a small town anywhere near there.

We drove through the windy mountain roads for a little bit, being careful not to fall off by the really tight curves. After about 10 minutes of driving, the mountains turned into a big valley with miles of –slightly hilly – fields. It was a breathtaking view. All the trees and bushes were completely white from the frozen dew. Adding the snow-capped mountains in the background, it was indeed a picturesque sight. Continue reading “Skiing in Steamboat Springs”

The House


a house

We got to our destination Sunday night at around 10:30 Colorado time. Turns out we weren’t actually staying on the ranch in Phippsburg like we had originally thought, we were staying in the small town of Oak Creek, just a few miles away.

Oak Creek is a pretty small town. According to our host, it has a population of only 900, that’s around 300 families. There was one main road running through with all the necessities that you would expect to find in a small town, such as the grocery store, motel, fire station, bar & grill, village museum, tavern, post office and of course a Continue reading “The House”